Benefits of The Lost Book of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies

“The Lost Book of Remedies” by Dr. Nicole A. Apelian, Dr. Claude J. Davis and Andrew R. Condon. This is a comprehensive and well-written guide to the natural healing of disease by using a holistic approach to healing. 318 pages, full color, printed book, better print quality, and plant identification information.


This book provides an alternative to traditional western medicine that helps you to heal your body without medication or surgery. The three authors, each with a background in alternative and complementary medicine, have collaborated to create a book that is comprehensive, yet very easy to read. Each chapter of this book has an introduction by the title, such as “What is the Lost Book of Remedies?”

Chapter one is “The Lost Book of Remedies: A Natural Approach to Healing Your Body.” The first chapter is the “Foundations of Healing.” The authors begin their book with a short discussion on the origin of diseases and how we came to be. They describe the ancient ways of healing with herbs, nature, and energy.

Then they discuss the process by which herbs are used for medicine and how they can be used to treat a variety of health problems. Each chapter ends with a brief discussion on a particular herb and the way it can be used for healing. The authors provide descriptions of the herbs they used and where to buy them.

Chapter two covers herbs that are commonly used for healing purposes. This chapter also includes descriptions of some of the herbs used for pain relief, as well as descriptions of various types of supplements that are made from herbs.

Chapter three is “How Herbs Work.” This chapter describes what herbs do to our bodies and how they can be used as a tool to heal.

Chapter four is “Herbs and Detoxification.” This chapter covers the subject of how to use herbs to detoxify and cleanse. They explain why cleansing is important, as well as how you can cleanse from the inside out using herbs. and their use in combination with detoxification treatments.

The final chapter is about what the book offers for healing. It includes information on how to maintain the use of herbs. After reading “The Lost Book of Remedies,” the reader will learn how to maintain and enhance their health through herbs and other natural remedies. You can also read the lost book of remedies reviews online.

BENEFITS OF ‘The Lost Book of Remedies’

One of the main objectives of The Lost Book of Remedies is to help in curing the various types of diseases naturally using natural ingredients and remedies. The healing process may take much time. The good thing is you will only consume the herbs and plants rather than the chemicals or salts.

This book also has some remedies that can help to cure chronic diseases like cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and other disorders. It is a bliss to find this information related to plants, herb, and remedies today in The Lost Book of Remedies.

The Lost Book of remedies will enlighten you more knowledge about natural remedies. This book provides a comprehensive analysis and identification of plants so that people with zero knowledge will merely comprehend.

You will notice several categories, such as types and locations of plants. This will help you to recognize the plants and what exactly they can do easily. You don’t get lost in the process because it also contains the image of the plants so you won’t get hesitant.

The next thing you will notice is the process of each plant as medication. Few of the plants work as a dressing—some need to be cooked or boiled.

This book will educate you about how to make use of the plant remedy entirely. Once you have read the process, you will also know how to use them. Together with the dosage or how frequently you must apply is all in this book.

It will also lead you to which plants are very good to eat when you are in the forest. For example, cattails are not just edible wild grasses. It’s also used as a strong cure for serious skin infections.

Even though the roots and stem are safe to eat, you should not eat jelly-like material between the leaves. It may not be critical, though, it is an excellent cure in the foot and nails funguses. But this source substance has a hazardous effect, which is why it is not for consuming.

Moreover, this lost book is not limited to plant remedies. It also includes awareness about medicinal trees. It will teach you how every part of the tree can be used as a remedy, from the trunk, fruits, and even the roots that can all be used for curing and survival.

In the end, this book has general treatments used by our parents to treat easy illnesses such as flu, sore throat, fever, and more. You can have home remedies that you can add to your kitchen cabinet or medicinal kit.

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